Lockdown fitness regime raises funds for charity

By Chris Cornford Apr 19, 2021

A beautician has run 30 miles for charity, thanks to the lockdown!

Kirsten Armiger, a regular runner, had been too busy with work to keep up the exercise. But she got back in training after the latest lockdown and has raised more than £1,600 for KissyPuppy, The Sophie Rolf Trust, which provides support for Island children with life-shortening conditions. The trust is named after six-year-old Sophie, who died of a brain tumour in 2013.
Kirsten, from Freshwater, who owns Tigerlily Beauty, explained: “I used to run three times a week to keep fit, but work got in the way and I just got out of the habit. But, when I was unable to work in the latest lockdown, I rediscovered my love for running.

“So I thought I would set myself a challenge to run 30 miles and try to raise some money for KissyPuppy, a charity very close to myself and friends.
“I trained over a few months with the support of Gemma, Sophie’s mum.
“On the day of the run, Gemma set off with me planning to do just 10 miles but ended up completing a very hilly 20 miles.

“My friend Claire Case joined us at Brighstone for 13 miles and Lucy Price joined at Newtown to complete the last 10 miles. I also had another friend, Hayley Ross, complete 24 miles of the route on her bike. I was so lucky to have the backing of such good friends. I eventually completed the run in 4hrs and 28mins – and certainly felt it the following day!
“I had hoped to raise £250 but have raised £1,640 so far, making every single mile worth it.”

You can donate to KissyPuppy via justgiving.com/Sophie-Rolf-Kissypuppy.