Track down the Island’s very own Tamworth two

By Chris Cornford Mar 9, 2021

In a first for the Lost Pets IW Facebook Page, an appeal was put out yesterday (Thursday 4th March) for anybody who had sighted Bauble and Jingle, who escaped from their dog-kennel home in Calbourne on Wednesday evening.

The page, which has almost 18,000 followers, is well used to locating disappeared dogs and missing moggies, but now members are being asked to keep their eyes peeled for a pair of Houdini hogs. The bright orange pet Tamworth pigs pulled off their great escape sometime after being put to bed at around 6pm last Wednesday.

The pair, who are much missed by their owners, Raife (13), George (11) and Sasha (9), are loving little porkers, named to commemorate their rescue on Christmas Eve. Like all pigs they are always hungry and exceptionally curious, but the breed is known for having a good disposition and a liking for human company.

If you see two orange tearaways roaming the hills, woods, streets or fields of the Island please give 531864 a call to reunite the naughty little swine with their loving owners.