St Helens parish council launch Duver project

St Helens Parish Council have launched their £15,000 Toilet renovation project at the Duver in St Helens, including upgrade of the much used public amenity, introduction of an accessible tap for environmental benefits, and a major improvement of the building to benefit residents and visitors to St Helens.

Parish Chairman Joe Robertson said ‘Following extensive consultation with residents, and increases in the precept, we are undertaking this major project for the Parish, following prudent financial management we are investing around £15,000 of our resources as this is a priority for the village.’

Project lead Cllr John Coleman added ‘After years of neglect by IW Council, the Parish are committed to keeping the Toilets open and of the best standards we can provide within the funds we have available – we hope to add further improvements to the Duver, working with partners, in the future’.

The Toilets will not be open to the public during the renovation, and the site will be fully secure throughout the work.

Cllr Robertson concluded ‘The Toilets should be re-opened before Easter, and we are working to introduce improvements in maintenance, and other benefits, when the whole project is completed – and we appreciate the tolerance of residents whilst this much needed work is being undertaken’.