See disgusting fly-tipping images from Rew Street near Gurnard

A large pile of what appears to be household waste has been dumped alongside a roadside.

Facebook page Spotted Isle of Wight posted the fly-tipping pictures on Sunday morning (July 22) at around 10.50am.

From the images there appears to be a large Panasonic television box, green tarpaulin, polystyrene packing materials, a number of stuffed black bin bags and furniture.

The illegally dumped waste is located on Rew Street near Gurnard, very close to the Hampstead Heritage Coast.

Spotted Isle of Wight asked its followers if anyone recognised the waste or had paid for it to be disposed of.


Fly-tipping advice

Credit: Spotted Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Council (IWC) advise that you check where your waste is going and who is taking it before arranging to have it disposed of.

A spokesman for IWC said: “Being a registered waste carrier means the person can legally remove your rubbish, but you still need to check that you know what is going to happen to your rubbish.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for paperwork that shows where your waste is going. A legitimate waste carrier would not object to this questioning.

  1. Ask to see their waste carrier permit – this is issued by the Environment Agency.
  2. Ask for their waste carrier number and contact the Environment Agency directly on 03708 506 506 for a free instant waste carrier check.
  3. If it’s easier, check online at GOV.UK – Access the Environment Agency’s public register of data. 
  4. Ensure that you receive a transfer notice or receipt before your waste is taken away.
  5. Make a note of their vehicle registration and vehicle details if you can.”