November 30, 2023

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Ryde doctors temporarily stop bookable appointments

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Ryde’s Esplanade Surgery will no longer offer pre-bookable appointments due to staffing shortages.

The doctors have decided that during the summer months, all GP appointments can only be booked on the day – except for a few exceptions.

Dr Joanna Hesse, partner at the practice, explained that like many GP practices nationally, they are also facing a challenge to recruit new GPs as doctors retire.

They have also faced an increase in the number of requests they receive for same-day appointments.

The sign on the door at the Esplanade Surgery

Dr Hesse said: “While we are working hard to recruit new GPs, we have brought in different ways of working to offer patients a safe and flexible service.

“This includes introducing online access to GP advice, in which the practice responds by the end of the next working day to a query, and offering telephone consultations with doctors, nurses and a pharmacist.

“We also offer patients telephone and face-to-face appointments with the extended access service that offers pre-bookable appointments in the evenings and Saturdays.

“Restricting our pre-bookable appointments for a short period of time has been one of the steps we have taken to try and manage urgent demand for GP appointments.

“We are aware of the difficulties this has caused some patients requesting appointments in advance and we are continuing to look for solutions.

“We are still booking a few appointments in advance with GPs and nurses after a telephone triage.”

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