Rotary Club members celebrate International Peace Day in Newport

The Vectis Sunrise Rotary Club celebrated International Peace Day in St Thomas Square, Newport on Friday (September 21).

Three peace flags flew in the autumn breeze, at around 11.30am.

The president of the Rotary Club – Adrian Brewer, began the service by explaining the club’s background and its mission to address and cure international diseases such as Polio and raising awareness for Prostrate Cancer.

Pauline Martin, Rotary Club member, reflected on what the word Peace actually means.

Pauline Martin and Adrian Brewer stand either side of the peace flag by Stephanie Hankin

She defined it as an ability to show tolerance, diversity, respect and kindness.

Mrs Martin said: “The mission of the Rotary Club is to educate children and sustain peace.”

She ended the service after reading Wilfred Owen’s poem, Futility. At 11.45am there was a minutes silence and the bells of the Newport Minster tolled for 15 minutes in unison with other.

Rotary Club members celebrate Peace Day in St Thomas Square by Stephanie Hankin

The Vectis Sunrise Rotary Club holds weekly meetings at The Apollo and The Riverside Centre alternately in the morning on Wednesdays at 7.30am and 6.30pm at the Apollo Theatre – guest are welcome.

The Rotary club supports charities such as: Age UK, the Motor Neurone society and St Georges School. The club also raises funds for children to ice-skate in Southsea.