Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

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Pirate turned postman meets kids in Yarmouth

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A swashbuckling pirate landed on Yarmouth Harbour to receive letters from the town primary school’s Reception Class who were interested in the 112ft brig, square-rigged vessel which has been moored there recently.

The Phoenix of Dell Quay, which has appeared in Hollywood films, has been moored in the harbour over the last fortnight.

John Plumbly, the harbour’s facilities co-ordinator, explained: “The children were really interested in the ship and all wrote letters to the pirate.

“The head teacher, Lizzie Grainger, contacted us and asked if someone would be available to receive them. So I dressed up and met the children and took their letters on behalf of the crew.

“The children were really excited and enjoyed the trip to the harbour and a chat with me. They told Lizzie how much fun they had when they got back to school.

“In return, I have now written each of them a letter with an old-fashioned fountain pen and finished it off by using a letter sealing wax as a memento of their visit.”

The Phoenix of Dell Quay will move to Southampton where it will be placed on a larger courier ship to be transported to the Mediterranean for filming in Malta.