Photo released after baby chameleon is stolen from shop in Ryde

An exotic pet shop has released CCTV stills and is appealing for help to identify a man who stole a baby chameleon.

The manager of Wight Vipers – Exotic Pets and Supplies on Ryde High Street took to Facebook on Wednesday (August 30) appealing for the thief to return the Exotic pet.

Do you know this man? Photo credit Wight Vipers

The manager posted on his Facebook page: “Well I’m very sad to say we have had a theft at the shop. One of George the Chameleon’s babies was stolen from his vivarium this afternoon.

“He is only three months old and needs lots of specialist care, which judging by the information we have you can’t provide.

Photo credit Wight Vipers

“Not only did this man steal him, put him in his pocket (that’s right big man, I have you on camera) he went down to tropical world on Union Street who sold him a box to put him in! Thanks guys!

“Now, chameleons are a big passion of ours and we bred that little guy, we want him back. The CCTV close up we have of your face is going up on here tomorrow if he isn’t home.”

The business owner, true to his word, released the stills on Thursday (August 30) in a last ditch attempt to get the chameleon back where it can receive much needed specialist care.

After uploading the CCTV stills on Facebook the owner published a message saying: “We have been advised to wait but the poor little guy just doesn’t have that time now. We are attaching pictures of this man as we don’t have time to wait any longer.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 and quote the crime reference number 4418 0323 7139. Alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.