Orbital Oddities in Newchurch

By IW Observer.co.uk May 27, 2022
Space view on Planet Earth and Sun Star rotating on its axis in black Universe. Milky Way in the background. Seamless loop with day and night city lights change. Elements of image furnished by NASA

James Fradgley, chairman of the Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies (SAGAS), will be giving a talk at Newchurch Pavillion tonight (Friday) at 7pm.

In the talk, Orbital Oddities, James will explain the strange patterns weaved by the planets and satellites in our solar system. He will also talk about Lagrange points, where asteroids can orbit in tandem with another object. James will also discuss horseshoe orbits, rosettes and instabilities amongst the wonders of Orbital Oddities.

James has a background in physics and astronomy. After his career and retirement, he returned to the world of astronomy. He has given several talks across the Island and is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The event is open to non-members of the Vectis Astronomical Society. The presentation will last around 45 minutes and will start at 7pm.