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Newport Club still thriving after more than 50 years

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Newport Shotokan Karate Club was the first Shotokan Karate Club on the Island. It first started in the late 1960s at Newport youth club, and in the early 70s moved to a larger Dojo – training place – at Carisbrooke High School. This was because the membership had increased with all the new martial arts films that were out at that time in the cinemas – the Bruce Lee era. In 1996 the club moved to its present Dojo at St Georges School, Newport.

Over the years there have been many members from the club who have been successful in their various Black belt gradings, also some club members who had achieved their dan grades at the club have ventured out and started clubs of their own. Also club members have won 30 medals in various competition categories both locally and national over the last two years.

Shotokan Karate is an empty-handed fighting art that has been developed through long years of history and tradition. Its ultimate goal lies not in winning or losing, but in fostering spiritual and physical strength through serious practice, and in trying to achieve an overall balance as individuals. The emphasis is, therefore one of dedication and hard work rather than physical ability.

Some benefits of practicing karate are Improved reflexes and coordination, strength and stamina, flexibility and balance. It also improves concentration, stress reduction, confidence, positive attitude, respect and the ability to defend yourself.

The club has separate classes for beginners, intermediate and advance grades. Each class provides a structured programme so that students can learn at their level of fitness and experience.

The club instructors have more than 44 years experience training and teaching at the club.

Malc Bradley 5th Dan Black belt started training in 1976 and started teaching at the club in 1978 when he was a brown belt and achieved his 1st dan in March, 1983.

Mick Lambert 4th Dan started training in 1979 and started teaching at the club in 1981 and also achieved his 1st dan in March,1983

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