MP spends £3,000 on letter drafting service

Labour councillor Richard Quigley claims Bob Seely spends more than £3,000 a year on a letter drafting service while hypocritically accusing a Labour MP of plagiarism.

Cllr Quigley said “I noticed on X (formerly Twitter) that Bob Seely followed Tory HQ orders and accused Rachel Reeve of plagiarism, making her unfit for office. How I laughed, as his expenses reveal that last year he spent £3,188 on the Policy Research Unit (PRU) that drafts letters for Tory MPs.

“Last year his staffing expenses were £187,000 on top of his own £86,500 salary. He could at least write his own letters.”

Cllr Quigley added that while MPs of all parties use research services, most use them to draft their own letters.

Mr Seely confirmed that he uses the PRU service. He said: “It’s really important for me to get accurate and timely information to Islanders who write to me. My team and I are proud of the very quick response times we have, despite the very large size of the constituency.

“We use the PRU to provide information and facts to help in our responses to constituents to make sure they are as informative as they can be.”

Cllr Quigley responded: “I’ve checked the date and we are nowhere near April 1. People often say they’ve had no response from him – or an unaltered national one. A more direct translation would be: ‘I spend over £3,000 a year on this as, frankly, I don’t care for such irritating nonsense as responding to letters from Islanders. I’m too busy voting for more sewage in our sea, turning up for photo opportunities and I need to restring my red braces’.

“There is no pleasure in highlighting this stuff, as the Island is my home and he is my MP, but I can’t stand by while he does his worst for us. We really do deserve better than this.

“However if Bob really must engage in hypocritical political point-scoring; he ought to engage his brain before reaching for his keyboard.”

Mr Seely failed to respond to questions about whether he uses letters drafted by the PRU and the average length of time he takes to reply to correspondence.