More than £4 million paid out in energy rebate payments

By IW May 25, 2022

The Isle of Wight Council has now paid the national £150 energy rebate to 27,412 account holders on the Island and is working hard to get the details of other eligible households.

The government is providing a £150 rebate to council tax payers in bands A-D (and E if in receipt of disabled persons reduction) to help with rising energy costs. This is a one-off payment and will not have to be repaid.

The council has made a total of 25,985 payments to direct debit payers — this equates to around 70 per cent of direct debit payers — and 1,428 cash applications.

This represents 49 per cent of the overall 56,279 properties entitled to the rebate.

So far, £4,111,950 has been paid out to eligible households and payments continue to be made as swiftly as possible.

Meanwhile, letters are being sent to anyone who is eligible for the rebate and does not pay via direct debit.

As there are around 18,000 accounts like this, it may take three or four weeks to contact all these cases.

The letter will contain an online code to complete an application form and provide us with your bank details. Once we have received this, we aim to process your application as quickly as possible.

Please do not contact us to find out when you will receive your payment or letter as this will cause a delay to the process.

You are eligible to claim this payment if your property is in band A-D and:

  • you are living at the address on 1 April 2022;
  • the council tax bill was in your name on 1 April 2022;
  • the rebate has not already been claimed by another household member;
  • the property is not a second home or unoccupied.

The scheme is not funded by the council and it is not a recurring payment.

You can find further information on the Council Tax energy rebate scheme at

Further details of the discretionary scheme for those not eligible for the mandatory scheme will be issued in due course.