Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Isle of Wight Observer News

The Island's Free Newspaper


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Dear Editor,
It is disturbing to read recent IW Observer letters regarding the games, if true, the IW NHS Trust appears to be playing in order to promote the privatisation agenda of our NHS that many people suspect is at the heart of government policy.

Our NHS is revered around the world. The idea is that it is there for everyone at a time of need, and is not predetermined upon whether, or not, someone can pay for medical treatment, or has the money to jump the queue.

I would be grateful if you would investigate whether, or not, our NHS hospital, St Mary’s, is conducting private treatment on the side.

Whilst I applaud patients being treated, and doctors putting in extra time to help reduce the stress our historically weakened NHS now finds itself in, what appears to be going on smacks of scandalous opportunism amidst a global pandemic by those pushing for private health care treatment over and above our NHS, or anxiously seeking to ingratiate themselves with those who pay their inflated salaries.

NHS facilities, in NHS hospitals, paid for by the UK taxpayers, should be for NHS patients. They should not be quietly exploited by those wishing to promote private fee-paying patients, and for those anxious to pay to jump NHS queues for medical treatment.

Hans Bromwich, Cowes