IW Hockey celebrated awards in Shanklin

IW Hockey celebrated their end-of-season awards evening, at Shanklin’s Ocean View Hotel, recognising the work of umpires and voluntary club officials.

The awards went to: U-12 Girls: Defender – Molly Priddle, Attacker – Mattie Johnson, Most Improved Player – Lillia Siriwar and Coaches’ Player – Raffaella Jones; U-14 Girls: Defender – Faith Smith & Phoebe Heng, Attacker – Sienna Holbrook & Nicole Simpson, Most Improved Player – Ellie Green & Mio Wes and Coaches’ Player – Mia Lawrence & Polly Rider; U-14 Boys: Defender – Arthur White, Attacker – Peter McClelland, Most Improved Player – Ed Hooper, Coaches’ Player – Seb Foster; U-16 Girls: Defender – Hannah Pocock, Attacker – Evie Fairhurst, Most Improved Player – Lizzie Dodds, Coaches’ Player – Alexis Owen. Ladies’ 2s: Players’ Player – Mia Lawrence, Most Improved Player – Sienna Holbrook, Young Player – Mia Lawrence, Captain’s Player – Abbie Fishburn; Men’s 2s: Players’ Player – Toby Noyes, Most Improved Player – Cian Smallwood-Butler, Young Player – Kit McChesney, Captain’s Player – John Pearson; Ladies 1s: Players’ Player – Georgia Whittle, Most Improved Player – Hannah Pocock, Young Player – Sophie Parkhurst, Captain’s Player – Emily Lord; Men’s 1s: Players’ Player – Alex Breach, Most Improved Player – Alex Breach, Young Player – Nathan Bruce, Captain’s Player – Alex Breach.

Club Woman of the Year – Dani Devenish and Club Man of the Year – Carl Joyce.

League Winners: U-14 Boys and U-16 Girls.