Island WIs were among those out in force at the Albert Hall in London

The Island delegates

A total of 21 different WIs from across the Island joined forces to attend the National WI annual meeting, at the Royal Albert Hall, in London.

More than 40 Island members were represented from the 29 WIs based here, with federation chairman, Sue Biss, saying: “Many WIs had multiple members attend.

“We go in several types of attendees: the federation officers (chairman, treasurer and secretary), then our three advisers and eight delegates who represent up to four WIs each to make sure that all branches in the Island are represented, and we then had 25 additional observers.

“We are always offered less tickets, but every year the Island comes up trumps and buys more tickets which other federations haven’t taken up.

“Given that we are one of the smaller federations in the national grouping, and have the ferry journey to contend with, we always come out in force!

“The meeting was the final one for the national chairman, Ann Jones, who stepped down after three years.

“Our speakers were Nazir Afzal, who spoke about his time throughout his career as a leading advocate for women’s rights.

“We then had a fireside chat, with Mel B from the Spice Girls, ‘interviewed’ by Victoria Derbyshire, on her own experiences – we even managed a question from one of our ladies as to whether she would come, with the other Spice Girls, back to the Island!

“Finally, we had another ‘interview’ type speaker presentation, with Timothy Watson (who played Rob Titchener from the Archers), together with Women’s Aid.

“It was interesting, thought provoking and amazing to hear Jerusalem sung by 5,000 women!”