Islanders warned to watch out for online ‘pop up’ scams

Trading Standards are warning residents when on social media or the internet to be very careful of “pop up” advertising.

These tend to be “too good to be true” offers, free trial products that you will receive but they will then continue to debit your account monthly for large sums of money. One Island resident reported that she clicked on one of these adverts for a new face cream and received her trial sample but was devastated to realise later that her account had been debited a further two times for the sum of £199

Please do not click on pop-up adverts and if you do look very closely at the small print and perhaps google the company and any reviews as very often victims will put their comments online. Be very careful about who you give your bank details to – check them out before giving over any information.

Remember – if it sounds too good to be true it probably is