Islander played a part in Oscar win

By IW Apr 25, 2022

An Islander played a vital role in helping Jenny Beavan win the Oscar for best costume design in Disney’s Cruella, based on the legendary Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations.

In Jenny’s acceptance speech, she paid tribute to experienced costume supervisor, Clare Spragge, who lives in Yarmouth and was brought up at Watchingwell, near Calbourne. Clare accompanied Jenny to the Oscar ceremony.

The costumes included some wild creations, including the bright red Flame Dress and the Garbage Truck Dress, a meticulously-boned and fitted strapless bodice, adorned by newspaper clippings about Cruella with a 40-foot train of discarded fashion items.

In her acceptance speech, Jenny revealed that she initially said no to Cruella and that the only reason she accepted the commission was because of Clare. Jenny said: “Clare said she would come on board as costume supervisor and bring the team. The team of the most phenomenal, creative, clever, generous, amazing people without whom obviously it wouldn’t have happened.”

Clare has worked on 44 films, the latest being Mission Impossible (seven and eight) as well as three other Oscar-nominated productions, Shakespeare In Love, Gosford Park and Beauty and the Beast. Other well-known films she has worked on include Aladdin, The King’s Man, Ever After, Anna and the King, Sherlock Holmes (one and two) and Chocolate. She has been nominated for two Emmys, winning one for John Adams’ TV series Reunion in 2008.