Helping hand for scaffolding firms

Island Roads and the Isle of Wight Council have given a helping hand to Island scaffolding firms by suspending charges for scaffolding that remains on the network, but work has stopped due to the coronavirus crisis.

This extension will be granted initially for four weeks and be reviewed after according to Government advice. A spokesperson for Island Roads has said: “In line with our commitment to supporting businesses through this difficult time, we agreed that any existing scaffolding on the public highway from that date will not incur a charge if work has been stopped due to the pandemic.

“If there is any reason where a company is still working but is unable to remove scaffolding because of coronavirus, we are happy to consider the case on its merits.Charges may be applicable to sites that are operating as normal or in respect of new applications.

“We hope that these measures will give some support to scaffolding and construction companies at this difficult time”.