Help keep our streets neat – bring your bin in

By Press Release Apr 22, 2024

Householders are being urged to keep #OurStreetsNeat and #BringYourBinIn as part of a campaign to clean up the Island.  

The campaign aims to encourage residents not to leave wheelie bins/gull proof sacks on footpaths all week. Residents are also reminded not to leave side waste that does not fit in their general household bin/reusable (black bin week) in the street.

Bins or gull-proof sacks must be placed out by 7am on the day of collection and no earlier than 7pm the evening before collection. Bins/reusable sacks must be returned to your property by 10pm on the day of collection.

Bins left out on the street for days outside of collection times can cause an obstruction to your neighbours. This is especially true for wheelchair and pushchair users or those with sight and mobility issues.

Isle of Wight Cabinet lead for climate change, biosphere and waste, Councillor Lora Peacey-Wilcox, said: “To many, leaving a bin or reusable sack out is seen as nothing more than forgetful. However, it makes life very hard for people with sight loss, parents with pushchairs, and people in wheelchairs who can’t use the pavement.

“To help people in your neighbourhood, please make sure any bins or sacks you put out aren’t blocking the pavement on collection day. Please don’t leave them out for any longer than necessary. So let’s keep our streets neat and make sure you bring your bins or sacks back in.”

Council service director for waste, environment and planning, Natasha Dix, added: “Bins or sacks left on public pavements for days can lead to hygiene and contamination issues, as well as safety concerns because pedestrians are forced onto the road.

“We all have a part in keeping our beautiful Island safe, clean and tidy. This includes the collection crews making sure bins are returned safely to the kerb without causing obstructions to the pavement.

“It’s also down to us all, as residents, to make sure we bring our bins or sacks back onto our property after collection. These small actions make it easier for all our community to use the pavement safely.”

Side waste left out on general household week (black bin/reusable sack) is likely to be ripped by vermin/foxes, causing a blight on our beautiful Island. Items such as plastic rings and cans can also cause injury to wildlife. It is also classed as fly-tip and can be subject to a fixed penalty notice or fine.

Under section 46a of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Isle of Wight Council can issue fixed penalty notices if householders’ bins or sacks:

  • cause an obstruction to neighbours;
  • restrict access to the pavement or street;
  • are likely to attract vermin like foxes and rats or are unsightly.

The council currently issues letters in the first instance to those who leave their bins or sacks out, to remind them to return these to their property.

If you believe you do not have room to store your bin on your property, you may be able to request a reusable sack collection instead. Please contact or call (01983) 823777.