Frustration from skaters as junior skate park to be ‘removed’

A Ryde based skate shop has taken to social media to vent their frustrations as a new skate park project is to be removed. 

The new junior skate park in the Sandham Gardens area of Sandown will be removed because of “manufacturing issues” according to the town council.

The Wight Trash skate company described the news as “very frustrating”, they say they offered Sandown Town Council “help and advice” to contribute to the design of the park but the council did not take them up on it.

The junior skate park will now be removed ahead of a review of facilities at Sandham Gardens in autumn.

Junior skate park Sandown – by J.Sheath

On Friday (August 18), Councillor Debbie Andre representative for Sandown North Town and County Councillor took to Facebook to break news that the new junior skate park “will be removed”.

She wrote: “The Town Council regrets that due to manufacturing issues, the new junior skate park is unable to be used and will be removed.

“The town council and Sandown Community Partnership share the disappointment with our younger residents who were looking forward to this new facility.

“The installation of a junior skate park will be included in a review of our facilities at Sandham Gardens, which will be undertaken in the autumn.”

The Wight Trash skate shop of Ryde commented on their Facebook page: “Brilliant! We offered help and advice on this project but Sandown Town Council did not take us up on it… This is the result! Maybe next time they will actually ask people who use the park what is needed!

“Very frustrating.”

Sandown Community Partnership have been contacted for comment.

Sandown Town Council have been contacted for comment.