From Royal Yacht Squadron to stricken yacht – Cowes RNLI members’ elegant rescue

As Islanders prepared to turn back the clocks this weekend, Cowes RNLI volunteers had to beat the clock on Saturday by dashing from the IW Lifeboat Board AGM at the Royal Yacht Squadron to rush to the aid of a stricken yacht nearby in The Solent.

When the yacht first hit trouble, it was initially aided by a training yacht belonging to UKSA  the Cowes-based sailing charity. It then became apparent that an extremely strong west-going tide meant the extra power afforded by the lifeboat’s twin engines was required and the alert was raised at 2.37pm.

Two Cowes crew members attending the AGM in the elegant surrounding of the RYS responded to the call. Other AGM-goers watched from the RYS as the lifeboat assisted the yacht. Some 40 minutes later the lifeboat returned with the freed yacht alongside.