‘Delighted but not surprised’ that the community embraced new app

Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has hailed the Island’s ‘extremely strong’ response to the new contact tracing app and encouraged more people to download it.

The NHS app is being trialled on the Island and though only officially launched this morning; residents are downloading it in large numbers.

Bob said: “Within the first hour of letters arriving this morning, nearly 30,000 people had downloaded the app.”

Bob said he was delighted but not surprised that the Island community had embraced the app which helps fight Covid-19 by fast-tracking testing alerting those who may have come into contact with those who have developed the disease and by tracking its spread.

The app was rolled out on the Island today and lessons learned will be taken on board as it is introduced throughout the UK.

“We are doing this to protect life. This is an extra layer of protection for us. We can trace this virus on the IOW and protect Islanders by doing so, especially at-risk groups.

“I encourage everyone on the Island to join the thousands of Islanders who have already downloaded the app and let’s, as an Island, be proud to lead our country. As the Health Secretary said: Where the Isle of Wight goes, Britain will follow. Let’s really get behind this and support it.

“We are getting it first and we can help iron out any issues and help the tech people to refine it before it goes out to the rest of the country. The Island is at the forefront of ground-breaking innovation, as it has been many times before.

“We have a critical role in leading our nation by using this new tech to defeat the virus. The more people use it, the more successful it will be. Working together we can help get the UK back on its feet.”

Bob added: “The response so far has been amazing, individuals, companies and organisations have really rallied round to support this project. I would like to thank everyone who has supported it so far and urge anyone who hasn’t to do so immediately.

“Around 40,000 letters have gone out today with more following. Every Island household should receive their letter by Monday.

“We have the chance to be part of history and to help lead the country out of this wretched period. The UK is watching so let’s continue to rise to the challenge.

“There may be glitches, but that’s the point of a pilot. We can help shape the app and make it the best it can be. If you have any feedback about the app, please email me so that I can pass this on to the team developing this app.”

Download the app at www.covid19.nhs.uk,