Crackdown on parking near the crematorium

A crackdown on parking near the Isle of Wight Crematorium in Whippingham is on the cards, to prevent heavy goods vehicles being left there for long periods.

Station Lane, off Lushington Hill, is a popular parking spot with dog-walkers, cyclists and ramblers who use the former railway line, turned cycle path, which runs from Newport to Wootton. Visitors to the crematorium also use the road as overflow car parking spaces.

Now the Isle of Wight Council is in the process of reviewing the parking on the left-hand side as you head towards the crematorium, through a traffic regulation order.

While there are already some yellow lines on the lane towards the crematorium, more are proposed to allow unrestricted access to and from the facility.

Unauthorised parking has become a major problem in the lane as heavy vehicles have been left for long periods of time, causing problems for large funeral processions accessing the crematorium and reduced parking for those attending a service.

Should the proposals be approved, only three areas along the road will allow limited parking for two hours with no return for two hours.

A council spokesman said the two-hour limit will allow plenty of time for those attending a service, as they are currently staggered at 45-minute intervals. Consultation on the proposals finished earlier this month and the authority will now review the findings before making a final decision.

No changes are proposed to the main crematorium car park which currently has no time limit.