34ft yacht with no power towed back into harbour

By Chris Cornford Jan 25, 2021

Yarmouth RNLI attended its first shout of the year last Friday (January 15) when it rescued a 34-foot motor yacht with a loss of all power.

The crew was tasked by HM Coastguard at 5.41pm and headed west out of the Solent to locate the motor cruiser. Information from the coastguard identified it as being one mile south of The Needles with one person reported on board.

Once on scene, Yarmouth RNLI found the boat had managed to secure an anchor while awaiting help. The loss of all battery power meant the vessel had no navigation lights, along with nightfall and decreasing temperatures, this was becoming an increasingly dangerous situation for the yacht.

As the conditions were calm, the RNLI crew were able to secure a tow line without having to go on board the cruiser.
On arrival back in Yarmouth, the RNLI established an alongside tow in order to safely bring the motor yacht into the harbour.