Tropicalia Island arrives at the Isle of Wight

After a sold out opening at Vault Festival and about to be presented at Arcola Theatre as part of CASA, London’s Festival of Latin American Arts, Tropicalia Island arrives at Isle of Wight for one evening only, at The Magpie venue, part of Ventnor Fringe 2019.

The play is a dark comedy theatre piece about immigration, refugees and tropical corruption.

This is the first show produced by Tropical Company, based in London and founded by the Brazilians Fernanda Mandagará and Ramiro Silveira. It brings to the stage a surreal one woman show, that challenges accents and defies reality. Inflatable coconut trees, exotic drinks, pineapple hats and carnival costumes make an idyllic world where an Immigration Officer dances and performs explaining the rules of entering her country.

The actress, Fernanda Mandagará, was recently commissioned by the Arts Council England in the programme, Developing Your Creative Practice. She was also in the show A 24- Decade History of Popular Music, by Taylor Mac, at the Barbican. and in national tour with Where We Began, by SBC Theatre. The director, Ramiro Silveira. is a world known theatre practitioner and leads the BA World Performance program at East15 Drama School.

The world is ending. Only three safe places remain: the Himalayas, the North Pole and Tropicalia Island. A native emigration officer receives refugees (the audience) willing to flee from their submerged countries to seek asylum in her tropical paradise. Of course, there are rules, and it won’t be easy for the ‘exotic’ white people to fit in.

Tropicalia Island is about extreme right-wing presidents, hot countries and cold hearts, the stereotypes provoking laughter and reflection. Brazilian music, choreographies and carnival portray a dystopic reality, where there is no escape other than accepting the rules. The audience testifies Tropicalia Island immigration process, facing absurd requirements and impossible tasks, actually not far from reality.

An evening of laughter and surprises. A tropical escape to reality. Will you be accepted?
Tropicalia Island will be performed at the Magpie on Thursday, July 25, at 9.15pm.