This week’s bowls round-up for the Island

Recently county capped Malc Alder-Smith bowling for Shanklin against Ventnor

In Division One, leaders Cowes Medina A won 8-2 (68-54) at home to Sandown A, Shanklin A won 10-0 (100-36) away to Bembridge A, and Ryde Marina A won 8-2 (55-51) at home to Cowes Medina B.

In Division Two, Sandown B won 8-2 (70-61) at home to Newport A. Leaders, Plessey B won 6-4 (64-63) away at Shanklin C, Sandown C won 10-0 (64-35) at home to Camp Hill A, Cowes Medina C won 8-2 (59-52) away at Ventnor B, and Shanklin D won 8-2 (55-53) Ryde Marina B.

Division Three saw Ventnor C win 10-0 (77-31.25) away at Bembridge B, leaders Sandown E won 8-2 (82-40.75) at home to Newport B, and Ryde Marina C lost 2-8 (51-55) at home to Shanklin E.

In the Women’s 4 Bowls Singles semi-finals, victories for Ryde Marina’s Anne Bernard and Bembridge’s Maggie Lawley will see them play each other in the final later in July.