The Island’s Brexit debate framed on BBC’s Newnight

The Isle of Wight’s Brexit debate has been framed in a national television programme. 

Airing on Monday (October 1), BBC Two’s Newsnight show spoke to MP Bob Seely, Shanklin Conservative Club members, a Remainer farmer and Islanders for Europe.

Filmed over the Weekend of September 29, the show opens with foggy shots of the Island before presenter John Sweeney makes a joke about our ferry being a time machine.

Mr Sweeney then sits atop a sandbank with Mr Seely who casually straddles the sandy verge before saying he’s not “anti-Boris” and “if we let Jeremy Corbyn into.. or give him the keys to Number 10, frankly we deserve to be collectively shot”.

The show is produced with cut-aways of steam rollers and classic cars, furthering the claims that the Island is rooted in the past before a trip to Shanklin Conservative Club.

BBC’s John Sweeney interviews Frances Oglander from Islanders for Europe in St James Square

Club members were vox-popped on their Boris Johnson opinions and asked if they were getting cold feet over Brexit.

Farmer and Remainer Judi Griffin is then interviewed about her views on Brexit and Boris.

Stating she didn’t feel comfortable in Boris’s hands, and was upset when he came out as a Leaver.

Former Tory voter, Frances Oglander from Islanders for Europe, is then asked for opinions on the Brexit process in St James Square, Newport.

The segment ends with a question on Brexit, Mr Sweeney says: “The Charge of the Light Brigade was imagined here, on Tennyson Down. But will Theresa May’s vision of Brexit be seen as a great act of heroism, or a terrible blunder?”

You can watch the Brexit and the Isle of Wight feature below: