Shirley and Terry will be rocking through Europe for Bay Primary

Shirley Carroll and her partner Terry Wood (pictured) are set to take part in the 2019 James Bond Swiss Run, raising funds for The Bay Primary School entries for The Global Rock Challenge.

The adventurous duo will be driving through eight countries in four days starting on Thursday, September 12, when they set off to Kent for the crossing to Calais to start of their epic car journey. Passing through France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium they will be camping along the way as they travel more than 2,000 miles and hope to raise £2,000.

They have been supported by Neutrik UK in Ryde, where Terry works. The company’s head office is in Lichtenstein where they will be met by staff who are organising a barbeque to greet them, and help them on their way.

Shirley, who is a learning assistant at the school and runs the Global Rock Challenge Club there, said: “Our school has been entering the competition for the last eight years. The Club is not funded by the school so the children, volunteer staff and parents work very hard to raise the money we need to talk part.

“The Challenge is an expensive business, some Island schools charge as much as £65 per child to take part, but we wouldn’t be prepared to do this as the expense would exclude many of our children. Global Rock broadens the children’s opportunities and boosts their confidence no end. What they acheive is inspirational each and every year.”

Shirley and Terry would welcome any sponsorship to support their worthy cause and can also offer opportunities to companies who would like to advertise on their car as they take part in the Eight Countries Challenge. You can find out more about the trip at