Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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Pub landlord lands at Shanklin Theatre

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Comedian Al Murray’s ‘Gig For Victory’ tour landed at Shanklin Theatre recently and played to a packed house, with a front row of ex-prison and police officers, Islander plane engineers, and NHS workers, all subject to a stream of banter and top quality mickey-taking.

Pandemic parodies were the highlight of the first half, and in his pub landlord routine, the comic noted that baldness seemed to give immunity to Covid, and that the audience had a lot of immune people – in between jokes about caulkheads, and the Prime Minister’s ‘partygate’ controversy.

He contrasted the generation of 80 years ago with the sacrifices made during the pandemic, and the political leadership of Winston Churchill and Brexiteer Boris Johnson. He also gave quick-fire responses to film storylines and Zoom Friday nights with participants on mute, before ending with a song that couldn’t find a rhyme for Covid.

The two-hour show also included a chance for the audience that couldn’t remember being at the event to take pictures as evidence, and the pub landlord also asked his assistant, Igor, to provide a ‘selfie-stick’ for a shot of the auditorium.