Popular hand car wash now closed for business

A car wash business has packed up its buckets and sponges and left their trading location.

Somerton Hand Car Wash and Valeting Service, who traded on the Northwood Honda site on Newport Road, Cowes, has removed their equipment and taken away all signage following the end of their lease.

The former car wash site will now be used for customer parking and to expand on the range of vehicles

Rumours circulated on social media on Wednesday (August 22), suggesting the land owners wanted the property back, or that it may have been connected to the Home office raids and arrests in March this year and January 2017.

A spokesman for Northwood Honda told the IW Observer that the land was always theirs and they had plans to expand their own business once the current car wash lease had expired.

The land will now be used by the original owners to expand on their range of vehicles they offer and to make more parking available for their customers.

It’s not known if the car wash will now move to another location.