Island parents concern about school bus spaces


Parents across the Isle of Wight have received emails this week, notifying them that there will be a ‘significant’ reduction in school bus places from September for those families who pay for the ‘privilege’ of a seat on a school bus.

Vix Lowthion, IW Green Party Spokesperson, has written to Martin Goff, Head of School Transport, to outline her concerns and to ask for further details on the proposals, including retaining the privilege seat scheme.

Vix says “Privilege bus seats’ are far from an advantage or a luxury: for many island families they are an essential! These cuts to school bus places will create significant problems for islanders, penalise families living in our rural communities and will lead to increased congestion on our roads. Many parents are now very worried about how it will be possible to get their children to school in September. At this time of national crisis, this is an anxiety they could well do without.”

She has called for a much more detailed and specific response from Mr Goff than the generalised email sent out. Any parents and carers with specific concerns can contact her at