New Theatre Admissions Lounge open at St. Mary’s Hospital

A new Theatre Admissions Lounge is now up and running at St. Mary’s Hospital. Patients coming in to hospital for planned In Patient surgery, with the exception of a few, will now be admitted directly to the Theatre Admissions Lounge where medical assessments and examinations will be undertaken prior to their surgery.

The Lounge is located on Level B of the hospital next to the main operating theatre. Patients are now welcomed in the reception area and assessed before being seen by their anaesthetist and surgeon. The facility offers a quiet, calm environment with comfortable seating and privacy screens between patient areas.

Nikki Turner, Director of Acute Services, said: “I am delighted to see our new Theatre Admissions Lounge open. Being able to admit patients directly to theatres without the need to occupy a hospital bed first will make a real difference to our patients. We know that any surgical procedure can cause anxiety and the Lounge is a much quieter and more relaxing environment for them. The facility will also help to improve the patient flow through the hospital and the way we plan and manage operations as well as freeing up our ward staff to concentrate on caring for patients.”

Previously, patients were admitted to a ward and remained on the ward until they were called for surgery. Patients will now make the short journey into theatre for their operation and will be transferred onto a ward afterwards.

Paul Sanders, Theatre co-ordinator, said: “The Admissions Lounge is a project that we have been sighted on for some time and it’s great to see it open and working so well. It’s improving the experience for patients undergoing surgery and making the admission process for us much more efficient. Being located right next to theatres means that operating lists can start promptly, avoiding any unnecessary delays.”