Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

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New discretionary energy rebate scheme launched

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Islanders are set to be given a helping hand with the cost of living courtesy of money distributed by the Isle of Wight Council.

The local authority has been given government funding to assist those not eligible for an energy rebate under the existing main scheme, which requires councils to pay £150 to households in council tax bands A to D.

Now households in council tax bands E to H can apply for a discretionary payment of £150 to help with rising energy prices as part of a two-phase scheme.

Phase one

This will be delivered between 4 July 2022 and 2 September 2022.

The eligibility criteria for this phase are as follows:

A) People liable for council tax in bands E to H properties, and in receipt of Local Council Tax Support.

If you fall under category A, you are not required to complete an application form.

The team will contact you separately about your payment. You may be sent a letter asking you to complete an application with an online code. If so, you need to use the energy bills rebate portal.

B) People liable for council tax in bands E to H properties, and in receipt of housing benefit or universal credit.

C) People not liable for council tax, but liable for rent, and in receipt of housing benefit or universal credit.

D) People liable for council tax in bands A to D properties, and moved into their address after 1 April 2022.

If you fall in categories B to D, you need to apply:

You will be required to upload evidence of your bank statement which shows your name, address, bank account and sort code details.

You may also be required to upload proof of your rent if applying under category C.

It is important that you upload evidence at the time of submitting your application, otherwise this could delay your application being processed and the payment being made.

Phase two

Details of this phase will be announced following the closure of phase one.

Councillor Chris Jarman, Cabinet member for strategic finances, said: “We are all aware of the financial pressures due to the combination of increasing utility costs and inflation.

“The increasing poverty that results brings with it untold and often hidden pressures on mental health, family relationships and general wellbeing.

“It is beholden upon us to offer whatever we can to alleviate these challenges and to prioritise those in the greatest of need on our Island.”

Further details of the scheme can be found at: