New aviaries and hospital room needed for parrots

By IW Jun 11, 2022
Lillian meets Verdi

The IW Parrot Rescue is raising funds to build new aviaries after winter storms took its toll on the current cages.

The rescue was set up nearly five years ago and the charity’s founder Nicki Williams explained: “This is extremely important for us. Our aviaries have managed to survive the last few storms but we desperately need to build new ones.

“We are also looking at building a new hospital room with the necessary equipment including incubators and brooders. We’re trying to raise money for the wood and various size wire to accommodate the different types of birds we home.

“Over the last five years, we have probably rescued more than 500 birds from budgies right up to macaws and Amazons. Recently, we even had a lady from Dorset asking for help with her bird.

“The hospital will also help us to save on vets’ bills. We have people who are able to treat the parrots although, obviously, if they need to be taken to a vet, then we take them there.

“All our funds go towards the welfare of the parrots and any donations are deeply appreciated.”

Red-Fronted macaw, Verdi, and cockatoo, Ella, recently dropped in to visit the residents of Orchard House, Newport.

General manager, Kim Fleming, said: “We are always looking for ways to enrich our residents’ lives. This visit was fabulous because we have residents who used to own parrots, so this was a great trip down memory lane for them.”

Visit the IW Parrot Rescue Facebook page or go to to make a donation.