Majority of planning appeals not upheld

By IW May 11, 2022

Planning decision making on the Isle of Wight has been hailed as very good.

Statistics, released by the Isle of Wight Council, show the planning authority’s decision-makers are performing well at appeals — being at or above the national averages.

If the local authority rejects planning permission or other planning matters, there is usually a right to appeal. Over the 2021/22 financial year, the Planning Inspectorate determined 65 appeals, the majority relating to applications where planning permission was refused, but only eight were overturned.

Almost all them — 64 out of 65 — were determined by council officers. The other one, a housing scheme in Apse Heath, which was refused by councillors against officers’ recommendations, was upheld.

Five enforcement notices were also appealed to the inspectorate but all were upheld, with minor variations. The council report says the changes did not undermine the requirements of the notice.

People also appealed against two refusals of lawful development certificates and one prior approval change from commercial to residential properties, but were unsuccessful.

One costs appeal was lodged, which could have cost the authority money, but was due to an error made by the Planning Inspectorate, said a council spokesman. The appeal was quashed at a judicial review, so instead of the council footing the bill, the inspectorate has paid instead.

The council has had a successful costs application in relation to an unsuccessful appeal in Newchurch. It is currently in discussions with the appellant over how much it will be paid.