Luca Wilding to release his new Island recorded EP ‘TO’ On November 27

By Chris Cornford Nov 22, 2020

Luca Wilding will release his stunning debut dream-folk EP ‘TO’ next week. The EP was recorded with David Granshaw in the south of the Isle of Wight where the record is a nod to the surrounding picturesque of the 14th century building. Ancient stone and monolithic wooden beams from the studio housed in a converted barn offer a gentle, natural reverb that enhances the warm feel of the songs.

Luca has released three singles so far this year, his most recent being ‘Ruby, Don’t Cry’, a soft folk ballad that features Wilding’s unique vocal tone that makes it an incredibly calming and interesting listen.

As winter rolls around, folk music becomes the perfect genre to listen to, especially while living on the Island and Luca’s debut work becomes the perfect soundtrack.
Offering snapshots into his vulnerability, Wilding doesn’t see these sounds as telling a strict version of his life. “My songs tend to be more of a collection of images that elicit feelings in me, things heard or seen in dreams, half remembered,” Wilding says of his craft.
Pulling inspiration from Anohni Joanna Newsom, Patrick Watson and, most evidently, Sufjan Stevens, his debut offers some warm escapism for these cold winter days.
TO by Luca Wilding is out November 27 via Abbey Records