Landlord fined over £5k for Ventnor family’s damp and dangerous home

A landlord has been hit with more than £5500 of fines and costs after he allowed a Ventnor family with three young children to live in dangerous and damp conditions.

The Isle of Wight Council prosecuted Daniel John Tomlinson, of Park Drive, Ilkestone, Derbyshire, who was found guilty of one count of failing to comply with an improvement notice at the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court.

The notice was served by the council’s housing enforcement team on his property in Mitchell Avenue, Ventnor, and Tomlinson was convicted in his absence last month.

The court heard there were numerous deficiencies leading to nine hazards including excess cold, damp, mould growth and fire risk to the family, whose children were all aged under eight.

Magistrates fined Tomlinson £4500, ordered him to pay £993.62 in costs and a surcharge of £170 – meaning he must pay a total of £5663.62.

Cabinet member for planning and housing, Councillor Barry Abraham, said: “This council will not hesitate to take legal action against any landlord who fails to maintain their properties and who leaves people living in homes that are a health hazard.

“This landlord thought he would ignore the notice, despite young children living in his property, and it has cost him more than £5,500.

“The case is ample warning that landlords will be brought before the courts and potentially hit hard in the pocket for this type of offence.”

Any tenants who feel they are living in properties that do not meet the correct standards should contact the council’s housing renewal section on (01983) 823040 or email