IW Pride – an urgent plea goes out for volunteers and sponsors

Only a year after Ryde hosted the National pride event, it is reported that a lack of volunteers coming forward could jeopardise this year’s event (2019).

IW Pride has in the past been a well-attended event on the Island; last year saw around 12,000 people attending. However, despite the success of the event it is understood that a number of key people have left, leaving the event short of voluntary organisers and sponsors. Although this is seen by the organisers as a short-term effect, they fear it could possibly place this year’s event in jeopardy.

Like any not-for-profit organisation, without enough volunteers it becomes hard to organise and run. However there are options open which would include taking a year off whilst the event regroups, which would make the next event scheduled for 2020. It is reported that the event requires a whole range of voluntary skills from bid writing, accounts, social media and help with the main event itself leading up to and on the day. Just as importantly the event requires sponsors who can contribute in any way possible.

This is a great event for anyone to be involved in at any level, a main sponsor or simply a helping hand on the day. IW Pride’s AGM takes place next Saturday, March 23 at noon at the Riverside Centre, Newport. If you fancy lending a helping hand to ensure this year’s event moves forward then email info@iwpride.org.