Isle of Wight West – We asked all the candidates why you should vote for them

For the final newspaper before the election next Thursday, we asked all the candidates to let us have a short message saying why Islanders should vote for them, concentrating on local, not national issues.

Here are their answers in the order in which they were received.

Ian Pickering - Reform UK

I believe the Isle of Wight is ready to vote for Reform.

I want to help those most in need of support for health and welfare reasons. I want all of us to feel safe on the streets. I have a long-term plan to develop a dynamic housing policy that will create jobs and provide homes for the young people we need here to grow the Island economy. I have ideas to change how the ferry operators will be allowed to run their business and how I can bring NHS dentistry back to the Island.

If you want change you have to vote for it. Please vote for me.

Richard Quigley - Labour

The Island’s a great place to live and work. It’s why I moved here. And it’s why I’ve been contributing to Island life and its economy for over 20 years. I’m a parent, grandparent, business owner, and charity trustee. I’m invested in improving the Island. But I entered politics to help secure the Island’s future.

A changed Labour Party will provide economic stability and improved public services. As a Labour MP in a new Labour government, I’ll be a local campaigner with a national voice. I’ll ensure the Isle of West becomes an even better place to live and work. Give me the next 5 years to deliver that change.

Nick Stuart - Liberal Dem

If you care, vote! This is a change election for a new direction.

From early days in industry then civil service, eventually head of science & innovation; recently a teacher, and today a small business I have the experience and knowledge to be an effective MP. As a councillor I have delivered local needs on traffic, flooding, and landscape protection while steering the draft Island Planning Strategy, and I'm proud of my efforts to protect ancient woodland ecosystems!

While the Lib Dems’ national offer on care, the NHS, sewage and the economy is outstanding, I offer experience, a record of delivery, and a great party to give hope for IW West.

Rachel Thacker - ADF

Alliance for Democracy and Freedom are a grassroots movement of individuals whom are frustrated by and disillusioned with our current political system and Political Party’s - who neither represent nor adhere to the wishes of the public.

Every level of Government is failing: we see bankrupt councils doing far less for the benefit of the community than they have in previous years, more poverty and homelessness, less accountability and less connection with those they’re supposed to represent. Too often blame is pushed between Governmental bodies with very little accountability. My opinion isn’t anymore valid than yours which is why I’ll ask you, the voters rather than make decisions on your behalf.

Bob Seely - Conservative

I’ve worked hard to champion the Island’s needs in Westminster. Since I was first elected as the Island’s MP we’ve seen over £175m of investment here.

Our unique circumstances have been recognised – through additional council funding, in changes to planning guidance and for our unique health geography. I’ve fought for us to be the first in the queue for innovation. We’ve piloted drones carrying medical supplies and we’re a leading area on water clean-up.

I know how things work in Westminster; I can hit the ground running. I have a plan to tackle the ferries and I’m the only candidate with a manifesto commitment to help achieve that.”

Cameron Palin - Green

Electing me as your next Green MP would not only be historic but truly powerful!

When talking to Islanders they tell me they're fed up with the other parties and are looking for a real alternative. As your MP, I would hold the next Government to account on issues you care about, nationalising the ferry services, investing in our NHS, creating truly affordable homes, reversing biodiversity loss, ending sewage in our seas and capping rent prices to name a few. I have bold ambitious plans that will help all Islanders and I am ready to stand up for you as your MP. Vote Green and Vote Cameron Palin on Thursday, 4th July!