Island parking officers attacked 60 times in last two years

Cameras will be worn by the Island’s parking officers to crackdown on abusive and aggressive behaviour towards them.

The officers, whose duties include parking enforcement, have been attacked and verbally abused nearly 60 times in the last two years.

Twenty cameras have been bought, costing £17,000 in total.

On one occasion, an officer suffered lacerations to his head and a loss of consciousness following an attack on the Island.

Councillor Ian Ward (Sandown South), cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, said: “We won’t tolerate aggressive behaviour towards people who are simply doing their job in making sure roads are kept safe for all.

Parking officers with their new kit

“We want our staff to feel reassured they can work without feeling threatened and the cameras will make them safer as they carry out their duties.”

The cameras will not be used while officers are on patrol but they will be turned on if they feel under threat.

The film footage will be used to support or dispute any allegations against officers.

All footage will be restricted to authorised personnel in the parking team and will be held in accordance with agreed data protection rules.