Island Minds covers mental health issues

By Chris Cornford Apr 11, 2021

A new podcast to discuss mental health on the Island has launched.

On Island Minds, joint presenters Hannah and Tia will reflect on topical news articles and key discussion points every week, before welcoming a guest speaker to share their own experience of and views on mental health. The aim is to get more people talking about mental health, normalise it and to make sure people don’t suffer in silence.
Both Hannah and Tia suffer from anxiety and, although they are used to being on stage, when acting they can perform in a different character, but find the idea of doing the podcast as themselves quite intimidating.

The first episode is about how lockdown has affected mental health and people’s understanding of mental health. It deals with depression and anxiety and touches on addiction and suicide. The guest speaker is trainee mental health nurse Michael Mullin who has suffered from depression over a long period.
The podcast can be found at