Ideas from the IW will flow around the world

By Press Release Aug 30, 2021

‘If not now, when?’ will be the theme of TEDxLukelyBrook, an event taking place next March at Quay Arts in Newport, that will bring ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ to the Island, and connect the Island to a global audience. A ‘Watch Party’ focussing on youth will be held simultaneously in the Riverside Centre, just across the Medina.

The event will feature an impressive line-up of speakers presenting short talks on a range of subjects, including ‘A move from the urban jungle’, ‘Exercise changes lives’, ‘Islands of geography for a greener future’ and ‘Reconsidering disability in our community’.
Gina London, author and Emmy-winning former CNN correspondent and anchor, is the first of the speakers announced for the event, whose talk on ‘The Myth of Authenticity’ will explore why the most valued attribute of a leader is also one of the most misunderstood.

TEDxLukelyBrook is an independently produced, not-for-profit event, operated under a license from TED, a not-for-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks of 18 minutes or less.

As well as being live-streamed to a global audience, recordings of all talks are added to the TEDx Youtube channel with over 32.2 million subscribers. WightFibre have been named as the main sponsors for the event.

Organiser and curator, Dale Howarth, said: “This event will reflect the best of the Island and help share ideas with communities around the world. Our speakers will provide a motivational call to action, to prompt those attending and ‘touched’ by TEDxLukelyBrook to take positive action on aspects of their business and personal life that they inevitably know they will have to undertake at some time, but so often delay or procrastinate upon.”

The events name of TEDxLukelyBrook reflects the past, present and future. Where, through the waters of Lukely Brook, the Isle of Wight connects to the world. The brook, which rises in the Bowcombe valley, has powered the Islands mills from Roman times, passing under the Quay Arts building to join the River Medina, past the Watch Party and out into the Solent to travel the world.

Further announcements will be made over the coming weeks and months. To find out more visit where you can also register to be kept up to date with the event, including news, speaker announcements, interviews, how to obtain tickets and access the live stream.