Hovertravel reverts to a booked service

Hovertravel is reminding all customers that from Monday 15 June, they must have a booked ticket and is showing passengers how to avoid the busier flights.

Neil Chapman, Hovertravel’s managing director said: “The first come, first served policy worked well with the limited volumes of regular travellers we carried over the past ten weeks but we now need to evolve our approach, whilst continuing to offer a fair system for all.

Our cooperation with Wightlink and Red Funnel requires us to treat all their customers equitably and to still have room to carry those key workers who are indispensable for the health and wellbeing of the Solent communities. Please use the simple form on our website to make your booking. To help you choose your flights, and avoid peak travel times, we will also be publishing a weekly update on our website to show how busy each crossing is for the following week.”

Detailed information on how to book flights is available online here, with further assistance accessible via a live chat facility on the website and the availability information can be seen on the timetables page.

Neil adds: “Our number one priority is, as it has been throughout this national emergency, the safety of our customers and staff. Hovertravel’s protocols, along with managing the capacity on our craft, are precautions to protect our passengers and our people and we ask all our customers to Hover responsibly.”