Helping Island holiday property owners prepare for the season

With holiday seasons not far away, starting with Easter, owners of holiday lets will be busy preparing their properties for this year’s rentals.

Owners need to juggle ensuring their properties are legally compliant whilst also making sure they have every day essential services in hand, such as cleaning, changeovers, maintenance and more.

Thankfully, Island-based Silver Arch Holiday Let Solutions, part of Newport’s Silver Arch Property Solutions, is making the process much easier for owners of holiday lets by offering a huge range of essential services.

The company offers everything from essential services, such as cleaning/changeovers, linens, maintenance, out-of-hours contact and meet and greet, to legally required fire safety risk assessments and gas and electrical services. In addition, it offers key solutions, such as legionella risk assessments and the increasingly important vacant property checks, which many insurance companies now insist on as part of their policies.

It isn’t just day-to-day services, offered by Silver Arch Holiday Let Solutions. Owners may also want professional photographs for their marketing or a pre-season inventory, even a welcome pack for each stay. The company provides all of these services and more.

Find out how the company can help you take the headache out of holiday letting. For more information, Silver Arch Holiday Let Solutions can be contacted by calling 01983 218339, by visiting or by emailing