Elle says ‘Yes’

Generations of the Ramage family have lived on and visited the Isle of Wight. For Elle, now 26, who visited every year with her mum, dad, and younger brother, Joe, the Island became her most treasured place. But her visit this year delivered more than just nostalgic memories.

In January 2022, Elle crossed paths with Ben Salisbury (28), at Macclesfield Station, marking the beginning of a love story. Elle, a former science teacher in Manchester, studied a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Exeter, while Ben completed his PhD in Roman History and secured a position in the Cabinet Office.

After relocating to Taunton, in Somerset, the couple spent last summer in Seaview, Elle’s cherished Island spot. Every day they walked along Priory Bay beach and spent the evenings at Seagrove Bay, cooking and eating al fresco. Ben, also enchanted by the beauty of the Island, chose the beach at Priory Bay as the perfect spot to propose to Elle during their annual visit this week.

On Wednesday morning, he popped the question while on their favourite walk and Elle said: “Yes!” However, unbeknown to Elle, Ben had spent the last few months planning his proposal.

The newly-engaged couple are staying at the Seaview Hotel, and Elle will discover, this morning (Friday), that news of the proposal has spread faster than she might have thought, when a copy of the IW Observer is delivered to their breakfast table.

When they return to Somerset, the couple will embark on a new adventure, purchasing their first home together in the charming village of Stoke St Gregory.

The Isle of Wight will continue to hold a special place in their hearts!