Group meeting to mark International Womens Day

To mark International Womens Day, Isle of Wight WASPI Supporters Group will be holding a meet and greet at the top of Union Street on Friday 8th March from approx 11.30am to 1.30pm.

IW WASPI is the Island-based branch of a national organisation campaigning against the speeding up of the state pension age equalisation.  As a result of that some 3.9 million women nationwide experienced 3 state pension increases pushing their retirement age to 66 at a cost of over £40,000 to each woman affected, meaning some are being forced to sell their homes with no visible means of support.

At 10,400 individuals, the Isle of Wight has one of the largest groups affected nationally. With a high proportion of carers in this group, the wider implications for community care on the Isle of Wight has yet to be quantified.

To find out more about the Island based WASPI group visit our Facebook page at Isle of Wight WASPI Supporters Group or visit the main website at