E-scooters have arrived with free NHS journeys

By Chris Cornford Dec 1, 2020
Isle of Wight Cllr Ian Ward, left, and Leader of the Council Cllr Dave Stewart with Beryl’s Aaron Basill and a pair of e-scooters outside County Hall in Newport.

E-scooters arrived on the Island yesterday (Thursday) and to mark the occasion NHS staff will be getting free essential journeys in and around Newport.
Beryl – the e-scooter supplier is working in partnership with the Isle of Wight Council, Solent Transport and the Department for Transport on a 12-month trial scheme, with 25 e-scooters available to hire and drop off at marked bays in Newport, with 125 to come over the coming weeks. The staggered roll-out of the scheme will enable it to be adjusted in line with usage and community needs. The scheme will then be expanded to Ryde and Cowes.

To use one of the e-Scooters, you will need to download the free Beryl Bikes app to find an available vehicle and get directions on how to unlock it for use. When you have finished your ride, you again use the app until you hear a chime confirming the e-scooter is locked.
Cllr Ian Ward, Isle of Wight Council cabinet member for transport and infrastructure said: “This is an excellent project and a welcome addition to the promotion of sustainable travel on the Isle of Wight.

“Many people are worried about using public transport and may want to avoid driving for environmental or cost reasons. With this in mind, there’s never been a better time to give e-scootering a go!”

Beryl’s CEO Philip Ellis said, “We are thrilled to be introducing the Beryl e-Scooter to the Isle of Wight and to be the first scheme operating in the South East. We have shown, through existing schemes across the UK, that Beryl can bring great benefits to communities through flexible, smart and sustainable travel solutions.”

Darren Cattell, Director of Finance for the NHS Trust said: “We are delighted to be able to provide more options for our staff, patients and visitors to get to and from St. Mary’s Hospital. We are advocates of improving air quality through replacing car journeys with other travel choices. Although it is not a legal requirement, we urge all users of e-scooters to wear a helmet and we wish you happy travels.”

The e-Scooters are available to hire through two payment choices. Pay-as-you-ride costs 10p per minute plus a £1.50 unlock fee. Minute bundles have the same unlock fee, but the rental cost is halved to 5p per minute, with 100, 200 or 300 minute bundles available. NHS staff can sign up with their NHS email address through the Beryl Bikes app and the first 15 minutes of each trip will be free.

Users that park an e-Scooter outside of a Beryl Bay will be charged a £10 fee, e-scooters locked outside the operating zone will attract a charge of £25. This fee covers the costs of returning vehicles back to a bay for another user to ride