Drug crimes are ‘growing threat’

By Chris Cornford Dec 1, 2020

Drug abuse and crimes on the Isle of Wight have been increasing during the Covid pandemic, causing concern for the safety of children.

Isle of Wight Council leader, Cllr Dave Stewart, branded the increase in drug-related activity a ‘growing threat’ during the November full council meeting and asked everyone who has any information on the subject to help the Island’s police. He said: “This is not only leading to violence on our streets but also raising serious concerns in terms of the safeguarding of vulnerable Island children.”

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, Cllr Stewart said there had been a ‘very serious escalation of drug activity’. He also said he had been approached by members across the council on the subject, who have been raising the same worries.

According to statistics from police.uk, 53 drug crimes were recorded across the Island in September. The use of dog units, warrants and other proactive policing work has seen a number of arrests recently as well as charges for drug-related crimes such as driving under the influence.