Chain reaction: floating bridge delayed in front of BBC cameras

The ill-starred floating bridge’s latest embarrassing hiccup came in the glare of the BBC TV’s news cameras on Thursday morning (November 8).

As a crew from BBC South Today filmed an interview with Councillor Karl Love about the new bridge – hit by a string of controversial failures since its introduction last year – the cameras turned to a worker wading into the River Medina to work on a chain on the craft as it struggled to dock with passengers and cars on board.

Cllr Love said on camera the bridge was an “absolute disgrace”. He added that “any suggestion these are teething problems is a joke”.

Cllr Love once again called for the resignation of Cllr Ian Ward who is responsible for transport.

The floating bridge struggles with a chain issue as the BBC film a bulletin – photo by Joe Burn

An IW Council spokesman insisted the floating bridge had not “failed” today and the intervention of the worker, wading into the river, was a contingency always available to the service.

“The service was delayed but it has not failed,” the spokesman said. “When there are high tides, as we have today, the floating bridge can require help to park. That is what happened and that worker is always on hand to perform that duty if assistance is required.”

The BBC item is likely to air on South Today’s lunchtime and evening bulletins at 1.30pm and 6.30pm with reporter David Allard.