Brexit MEP meets assaulted veteran


Robert Rowland, Brexit Party Candidate for the South East, which includes the Isle of Wight, has met Don MacNaughton, an 81-year-old ex-paratrooper, who was assaulted outside a polling station on Euro election polling day.

Mr. MacNaughton, who served with the Paras for 22 years, was campaigning for Nigel Farage’s party when a yob threw a milkshake over him for wearing a Brexit party rosette.
Robert Rowland MEP said: “This is an affront to Democracy, to have an 81-year-old veteran attacked outside a polling station simply for wearing a rosette.

“We are not Zimbabwe where thuggery takes place at the doorstep of the polling booth. This is just further evidence of how the provisional wing of the Remain campaign do not accept that we are a democratic nation.

“The fact this happened to a veteran is doubly sickening. This is someone who has put his life and limbs on the line for this country and its values.

“I can only hope the Remain commentators who have celebrated this ‘milkshake Spring’ feel some shame and responsibility for the anger and violence they have encouraged.”